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OMF Group of Companies

ImageThe OMF Group comprises several companies in different areas with the objective of setting up of tools to assist decision making in the current management entreprises.Les products offered by companies "OMF Group" have the particularity Catalog OMF Group and please visit our societies in more detail by clicking on the logos on the list below.

ImageOur support comes through the process of building your business from the identification of the idea, for advice and personalized service to develop your project company, writing a business plan (business plan), financial forecasts, identifying and seeking funding, aid, the choice of legal status, …

ImageThe Moroccan directory TIPS SEARCH ENGINE you facilitates direct contact with your target, with the people you're looking for on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Twitter and all social networks, all at lower cost. Our teams are here to help you optimize your SEO campaigns, anticipate your needs in an economically complex period, but also a source of business opportunities.

ImageThe Moroccan Experts is a firm of consulting services and financial arrangements, consulting business creation, bookkeeping, services and tax consultancy, audit, management ...

ImageFor training in Morocco, ALTITUDE HR offers a schedule of open training courses with training opportunities within your premises, at your own pace. We are an organization of Personal Development Training in the Council, Transfer Management Training, E-Learning, Training.

ImageOffers training from specific objectives can be formulated in terms of skills to acquire and can be evaluated on the basis of acquired skills.

Image UNIVERSE HR Recruitment is a recruitment and evaluation of individual performance and potential. We assist our clients in finding, selection, integration and the development of performance.

ImageBuild a training plan is a useful approach to any business, a strategic tool for your development. This allows you to program all the actions that you want to set up for your employees based on the guidelines that you have chosen for your business.

ImageThis site is dedicated to the forum where you can discuss issues relating to business, training, company formation, the domiciliation, l’offshoring, working conditions ...

ImageCentre domiciliation Company provides legal and tax address in Casablanca and provides serviced offices and service performance. In addition, it provides support for relocation in Casablanca, business creation, the portage wage, rental of offices and meeting rooms ...

ImageOur formula domiciliation Casablanca allows the entrepreneur and society, in the course of its business, does not necessarily need office or local, or who do not have sufficient financial resources and wishes to initially minimum risk, to settle at a lower cost by avoiding including rent offices permanently. Also, our team will guide you through the installation of a subsidiary or a complete relocation of your business in Casablanca.

ImageWe bring you solutions offshoring all or part of your business with complete support allowing you to focus on your heart business. Our multilingual team (French, English, Arabic) based in Casablanca is composed of lawyers, consultants and accountants who will offer the best solution for all your needs to ensure the success of your business in Morocco.

ImageAvec Call Center Casablanca, your company has access to the best technology telecommunications infrastructure market. The highly qualified staff, fully trained and operational, support the customer relationship to meet the needs of your customers.

ImageMail MOROCCO PRO is a compelling solution, powerful, easy and simple ; use to achieve campaigns of emailing high quality, simply and quickly. It is designed to meet the needs of companies, Associations and Institutions wishing to use email as a means of communication in their Internet strategy.

Image MAIL CASABLANCA includes news selected national and international. In terms of the law of obligations, according to the Civil Code "written on electronic media has the same probative force as written on paper". The electronic writing is increasingly recognized by the Civil Code as valid as evidence to conclude a contract. In terms of labor law, is recognized for the employee's "right, same time and in the workplace, respect for the privacy of his privacy ", this law involving "especially the secrecy of correspondence".

ImageSM3W is a company specializing in new media, the creation of websites and SEO strategies. SM3W is also a dynamic team of staff passionate about the web, combining his talents in design, webdesign and technical expertise to create effective and impactful features multi-media.

ImageWe take care of the web design, of graphic design, creating portals, SEO, accommodation, Domain name, you flash design, du blog consulting, of e-commerce, editorial boards ...

ImageWith ProPub, discover the most suitable modes of communication to reach your goal. We bring you a creative look, a fort imaginaire, approach and unique strategy for your communication.

ImageOur Company offers you tailored and immediate solutions with perfectly controlled costs. It provides your teams, whether for domestic or international companies, perfect work environment with efficient access to information technology: high-speed Internet, video conferencing, meeting rooms.

ImageOffers of vacation rentals in Casablanca are ideal for tourists on holiday in Casablanca or business trip (Business tourism) seeking a foothold that is an alternative to a hotel. This holiday allows among other things to cook in the apartment and behave freely at home.

ImageSeasonal and temporary rental housing and accommodation for tourist clientele and businessmen. Each apartment for rent in Casablanca is furnished and is fully equipped as well as the apartments hotels. In parallel, we offer rental of serviced offices, downtown, tailored to your business.

Image You have written a manuscript, but you are not sure it is written correctly ! We can help you make it perfect. Also, our society transcribed audio recordings made at conferences, seminars, Roundtables, Meetings, interviews, any dictation. Our proven methods, added and the quality of our services, will provide impressive results for the best price.

Image Specialist company stationery Internet. In our stationery space, discover many school products, office supplies, creative leisure goods such as fine art ... Enjoy bargains by ordering items online.

Image The first role of labor law is to allow a delicate balance which the employee is satisfied with their working conditions, of his remuneration and the employer is the rate of profit of the company. In cas of conflict, labor inspectors attempt to reconcile the differences that may arise between workers and employers.

Contact us 64, Boulevard Allal Ben Abdallah

20200 Casablanca - Morocco

Phone. : (212) 522 27 35 38

Fax : (212) 522 27 35 46

E-mail : [email protected]

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