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L’offshoring au Maroc : Engine growth

 It is expected that theOffshoring au Maroc will generate 20 billion dh the horizon considered 2015.Un sector as an engine of economic growth as the country aims to create 1000.000 employment 5 years. This is what emerges from a study conducted by the Directorate of Studies and Financial Forecasts, under the Ministry of Economy and Finance on the offshoring sector in Morocco , especially the outsourcing of financial markets.

Today, la globalisation a recrée le mot ‘’ offshore’’ pour définir élégamment un nouveau concept de travail coopératif à travers le monde, governed by the laws of subcontracting.

Offshore may relate to services as is the case of the famous call centers located in Tangier to meet Spanish customers, or monitoring stations based in Casablanca to drive computing platforms located in the Paris region. It may relate to the overseas production of products for local customers. Les motivations qui pousseraient une entreprise à vouloir produire loin de ses frontières nationales sont : Research of reducing production costs to be competitive with the competition, la volonté de proposer un nouveau produit qui sans sa production dans des pays dits ‘à bas coûts’,serait inimaginable.

The development plan of offshoring is part of the new industrial policy of the Kingdom which has the ultimate goal for the development of economic and industrial sectors and activities with an international dimension.

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